Anti-Money laundering solution

Effiya AML Solution empowers banks and financial institutions to effectively manage Anti- Money Laundering compliance regulations.

Manage AML compliance regulations with AI

The solution has a robust decision-engine where AML rules can be easily configured by the relevant customer teams. It has a proprietary ML based analytics-engine, which is custom-built to manage the alerts, based on historical trends and customer profiles. The exclusively built AML software solution effectively enhances money laundering investigation using data analytics and AML analytics.

Investigation platform to easily manage cases

The solution has a visually intuitive and robust investigation platform in the form of an Enterprise Case Management Solution. The key advantages of the AML compliance software are - extremely modular design – highly flexible ensuring that the screen shows all relevant data needed by the investigators. Screens can be easily altered through an administration dashboard by the business users themselves.

Reduces false positive alerts by 25%

Automates manual work of investigator

Did you know that AI enabled Effiya Anti Money Laundering can save you upto 25% of your compliance cost

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