FraudProtekt – Anti-Fraud Solution for a fraud-free business

As businesses shift to the online and mobile world, they get dangerously exposed to fraud. It means loss of money, damaged reputation and customer churn. Is your company protected enough? Our specialists have been working on anti-fraud projects for more than a decade. And now we have combined our experiences and expertise in a single solution – Fraud protect.

It analyzes data to catch suspicious activities and immediately notify your team. Schedule the scan or just go with real time detection for the ultimate protection.

Dedicated Investigation module is included as well. There are out of box scenarios for different kinds of fraudulent activities, and you can also customize your own. It’s very easy with a simple user interface. No coding needed! Fraud trends change with time and get more complex.

Fraud protect uses machine learning to enable your scenarios to evolve and keep up to date too. It also includes dashboards and reports that will help you assess how effective your scenarios are. While typical fraud management solution needs months to implement – Fraud protect can be ready to safeguard your business in few weeks time. Take a step towards the peaceful mind and a fraud free organization. Contact us to know more about Fraudprotekt

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