Data quality and governance solution

Effectively manage data from multiple sources, while ensuring robust data quality and data governance standards

No more manual data cleansing! Just simple business rules.

Organizations have increasingly embraced digital adoption over the last several years; the last 12 months have catapulted the digitalization journeys of organizations, of all sizes across industries. With digitalization transforming the business, organizations have started to capture data from the business channels and customer touch-points.

Good quality data = Robust decision making

With the sheer volume of incoming data, piece meal approach at data quality will not suffice for ensuring robust and accurate decision making. Effiya Data quality and governance solutions gives the organization the capability to monitor and check for all incoming data of certain defined quality and governance rules.

Assign roles to multiple specialists in your team, with different permissions.

And it can happen by only few clicks. Ease ensured!

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From unstructured data from multiple sources - to clean and proper catalogue

Any data point not confirming to the organizational standards is rejected and sent for further screening to ensure accuracy and sanctity. The solution also gives detailed MIS reports on the state of data quality and governance across the enterprise.