Grey-listing Prevention and Anti-Money Laundering Solution | Effiya Financial Crime Compliance Suite

Future proof your business with Financial Crime Compliance Suite from Effiya Technologies.

How to detect Structuring in Money Laundering? Solution from Effiya Technologies

Transfers of large amounts of money are thoroughly investigated by the banks. That is why money launderers perform complex transactions schemes and book-keeping tricks called structuring.

Effiya Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Do you wish to bring down your financial compliance cost?
Do you want to significantly reduce false positives in your alert management system?

AML and Sanctions smart product for name and payment screening

With rising instances of money laundering and terrorist financing, regulations are becoming more and more strict, and the industry demands smart solutions. To address this need Effiya Technologies created an AI enabled product for name and payment screening: “AML and Sanctions”.

Patented fuzzy name match algorithms by Effiya

Fuzzy match is the way of finding entries of the same name in the text.
It operates not only with the exact matches. Even if the name is misspelled - it will work.

Fraudprotekt anti fraud solution for your business

As businesses shift to the online and mobile world, they get dangerously exposed to fraud. It means loss of money, damaged reputation and customer churn. Is your company protected enough?

FraudProtekt solution in use Multi finance company in Indonesia

As a loan provider client was facing multiple business challenges.
Issues in collection operations, like lack of proper follow-ups by collections agents, resulting in higher losses. Disbursement issues, like not being able to efficiently monitor cash reserves at different branches. Fraudulent activities by dealers resulting in high risk financing.

POC of a Compliance Suite by Effiya Screening, CDD and AML

POC delivered to a financial company by Effiya and Sutra Management. Customer risk assessment, payment screening and AML monitoring solutions were successfully delivered. Watch to see how Compliance Suite product works.

500 trees are planted Sutra Management and Effiya Technologies CSR

Sutra is excited to have met a target of 500 trees this year. Happy to make our planet little greener and cleaner.
To join the plantation drive, comment under this video.

Climate sustainability analytics: Sacred Groves and Effiya

Forests of planet earth... Perfect beauty of nature. Home to millions of living species. Air to breathe for the humankind. Our duty is to protect it.